Here's some frequently asked questions regarding our WiFi solution:                                                        

Is it reliable?

Yes! Like many offerings in hospitality, consistency in the service to customers is paramount.

Cool Chilli uses leading edge WiFi and internet routing technology to provide consistent and dependable access to the internet for your customers.

We can also monitor the equipment to make sure it's always online and working!



Is it secure?

Yes! Offering access to guests can often be seen as risky business - Not anymore!

Our technology has significant content filtering and access restriciting abilities.

No longer will members be visiting inappropriate sites or potentially accessing your company's internal network.


How do I stop guests from using all of the bandwidth?

Along with filtering and restricting abilities, our technology also allows 'data caps' to be implemented.

Guests will be allocated a certain amount of data for usage and will stop them from streaming videos continuously or downloading large items.


How do I know my Member's will actually use the WiFi?

We like collecting data here at Cool Chilli!                                

We can send you monthly usage reports showing how many have used the service and how much the service was used.

We can also help you with your inbound marketing with all of the information we collect.


                                  I don't know where to start?

At Cool Chilli we offer the complete package!

We will work on a solution from end-to-end with you, from installation, i.e. setup - where to put the access points, right through to how guests be able to access the WiFi.