Would you like help in understanding and managing cost with the technology your organisation uses?

Many businesses, particularly small to medium sized ones, buy their support services as needed.  This is typical of the buying patterns for plumbing and electrical services.

Why doesn't this fit IT?

Well for one, pipes and power don't tend to have anything change on them, such as software updates. They also have very simple dependancies to make them work, such as fuses and washers.

The technology we all use is constantly changing and relying on external and other factors to work as we expect.  Sometimes it's amazing it works at all!

Switching your support from Hourly based billing (aka: ad-hoc, break-fix or time & materials), even those with some routine services such as backup and patch checks, can greatly change the IT expense experience.  Locking the support cost to your budget allows freedom in the management and cost control of your IT support.  It sounds cliched, but it really does change the perspective on how your technology is used in the organisation, truly a shift from expense to asset and enabler.

It can't be that easy, aren't there hidden costs?

IT support cost increase after this tends to follow a couple of dynamics in your organisation: people and business growth/change.

The more people you employ, the more they need to automate, the more reliant they are on your Technology to do their job.  In many cases, the use of technology can allow your people to do much more than was done previously, however this has a cost of support and maintenance, typically much less than the cost of the labour effort previously (you'd hope!).

An example of monthly IT support cost transition to Fixed Fee

Above is an example monthly cost breakdown of one of our client's who made this transition in the third quarter of 2013, following some very obvious cost blow-outs.  Happily, since then, they've never looked back!  Note: these are IT support costs - the Organisation has other expenses, typically the cost of replacing assets, moves and changes to their office and significant staffing levels.



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