Concerned about the risks in your organisations technology?

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Information technology provides many advantages in storing and processing data, however isn't without it's risks.  Fortunately, those can be mitigated with a variety of measure that suit your needs and budget.

Here are just a few common ones

Data Loss

Probably the most common risk that most people are aware of.  The simple mitigation is to backup (copy) your data, surprisingly something that many either do not do, or do not do well. Managing backups: checking logs, alerts, trial data recovery, is one of the most boring, repeatitive tasks that IT support personnel need to perform.  Too many people underestimate the importance of this process and simply assume it's working.

When was the last time your data backup was actually checked?

Is it reliable?  Many find out too late that their backup hadn't worked.  We come across many organisations who were living in the false comfort that their data was retained, only to find out that it wasn't, until we helped of course!

Is your data copied off site?

Imagine the situation your organisation would be in should a fire strike your premises?  Or theft of your IT equipment?  It happens all the time - to others.

Configuration Loss

This is another area that is represented by soft cost - support personnel and staff time.  Do you have one PC that is the only one that performs a specific function, such as payroll?  The data may be backed up, great!  But how long does it take to restore the payroll functions: tax tables, award structures, EFT ABA file configuration, passwords, bank connectivity?

Good documentation, often combined with system backups can mitigate this well, ensuring a faster restoration of your critical business functions.

Insecure Data and Systems

It's amazing what curious staff and people will find, given enough time and energy.  How many times have you accessed a secure system using a password and noticed a staff member watching your keyboard?  How did the staff find out about that impending budget cut or redundancy?

Knowing data has been accessed inappropriately can rattle you to the core.  There are are couple of straight forward actions to take: review your access controls, and implement best practice techniques to manage the access to your data.

The next step

We have proven processes and actions in preserving data that can be applied to your systems.  Contact us today to have an evaluation done and get your risk under control.