What do we do?

To put it simply: we manage the technology in your organisation to ensure that your staff are operating productively and effectively as possible.

We manage the change in your technology through disciplined change control procedures, out-of-hours upgrades and change acceptance and rollback provisions. We are experts at software integration and can guide you through this complex area to automate the flow of information and data between your systems, removing the need for staff to touch and manipulate data, which can potentially cause errors and inconsistency.

We also provide high level consulting, to ensure you have the best workflow and functional fit to meet your needs, including your budget. 

Here at Cool Chilli we offer Managed Services to our clients. Managed Services offers IT support at a fixed monthly fee allowing you to easily budget and forecast your IT expenses. This takes the hassle out of managing your IT envrironment.

Here are a run down of our most popular services.